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Hello! My name is Jacob and I am a chef from Los Angeles, California. I came to NOVA/DC area for the pursuit of good food, creativity, and entrepreneurship. I am endlessly fascinated with different cultures and their flavors, and I do my best to interpret them onto my dish. I thank you for indulging and trusting my palate.

What qualifies me for such an endeavor? Trained at Arts Institute of Los Angeles, 8 years of restaurant experience, head chef at Kaya Restaurant, sous chef at Hanaro Catering, owner of Crave Expo, partner at EAT Show. From school to the kitchen, catering to entrepreneurship, shows to books, I use the knowledge and experience I’ve gained along the way to adapt or create my recipes.

Deep dive for the move -> The 5Ws + H for Wonderfully Normal

For any menu developing, marketing or sponsorship inquiries please email me: hello@WonderfullyNormal.com